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Taghelor is a Freelance Makeup Artist that has been perfecting her skills for over the last 6 years. Her specialties are Beauty, Boudoir, Portrait, Fashion and Airbrush. Makeup has been her passion from the age of 12. The artist has always been known for her special talents in the field... Now being certified she has all the skills and tools to create your perfect look.

Bringing a Client's vision to life is what she does best. Getting to know her clients is her favorite part of the job.  

Taghelor is a mother to her beautiful daughter Aleina, 6yrs. And a wife to her husband Jacob of 7yrs.  When she isn't on the job she is a full time mom. She started this career not only because it is her passion but because it allows her to be a stay at home mom. 

The artist hopes to one day own her own Glam Boutique but in the mean time enjoys all the adventure as a Freelance Artist.